Caro Viee

Caro Viee - 3-Piece Lip Kit

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Caro's Lip Kit includes a smooth velvet liquid lipstick, a hydrating high-shine liquid lipstick, and a matching transfer-resistant lip liner.
Caro Viee
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Velvet Lip Color, High Shine Lip Color, Lip Liner

Lip Liner

Pure color that stays flawless and intense with 'round the clock wear! This creamy lip liner applies with smooth glide and instant color release before setting into an extreme wearing, smudge-proof, transfer-resistant finish. This texture offers the perfect balance between creaminess and structure, resulting in a controlled, mistake-proof application and excellent color pay off, giving you the perfect pout.

Velvet Liquid

This liquid lipstick drenches lips in one-stroke, velvet-like color intensity that goes from day to night. Formulated to help your lips feel hydrated and comfortable over time - no drying! For the matte-addicted who don't want to give up the sparkle: full color finishes are available in matte, matte metallic and matte sparkly. The matte sparkle will reveal progressively the more you press your lips together, after you've applied it!

High Shine Liquid Lip Color
Lip Gloss

The vibrant color and divinely smooth shine wraps lips with balmy comfort and coverage for a lustrous look and feel.