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ONE CLICK b.EAUTY's Convenient Kits Inspire Confidence & Empowerment

by Sam Sourav

At a time when people want to feel supported and uplifted by life's small joys, ONE CLICK b.EAUTY is launching on Amazon, sharing convenient, confidence-boosting makeup kits. The color cosmetics make it easy to add a pop of color to one's look with everything from eyeshadow sticks and palettes to lip crayons and liquid colors.

To kick off its launch, ONE CLICK b.EAUTY is initiating a #FaceTheWeek social media campaign that inspires people to start the day on a positive note. Additionally, ONE CLICK b.EAUTY is committed to supporting organizations that are focused on the support and empowerment of women—this month, the brand will be offering a buy-one-give-one donation for kits purchased on Amazon.