One Click B.eauty Lauching in April

One Click b.eauty, a new cosmetics brand, celebrates empowerment with accessible, high-performance beauty kits debuting at a time when people are in need of a daily pick-me-up. This digitally driven indie brand aims to provide a quick, easy, confidence-boosting beauty ritual with on-the-go (or on-the-stay) color cosmetics for anyone seeking ease and affordability—each kit will retail for $24! One Click b.eauty unveils their cruelty-free lip and eye kits in two curated collections— lip and eye kits and b.seductive lip and eye kits.

On launch day, One Click b.eauty will roll out a social campaign—#FaceTheWeek. According to the company, this small act of self-love and self-care is at the brand’s core as it is aligning with organizations that support and empower women in everyday life via a "buy-one-give-one" donation effort for kits sold on Amazon this month.

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