Launching a Beauty Brand Is Hard on a Good Day, but Here's What It's Like During COVID-19

It's been said a thousand times, but we really are in unprecedented times with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. With a stay-at-home order in effect in more than 40 states, nonessential businesses have been forced to close their doors at brick-and-mortar locations and operate virtually. While beauty brands are still able to operate online during COVID-19, many small independent companies are feeling the impact of current events in other ways — especially those launching for the first time amid the virus.

On a good day, launching a new company takes an enormous amount of work and anywhere from six months to multiple years to get to market. During that time, product research needs to be completed, funds secured, and production needs to be underway. To say that the process consumes the entirety of your thoughts and your life is an understatement. For many people, creating their own brand is a dream come true.

"I don't think I've ever been as obsessed about anything in my life to the level of Goodhabit," said Mariya Nurislamova, founder of Goodhabit, a skin-care line set to launch in April with a mission to educate and protect consumers against the damage of artificial blue light. When you put your blood, sweat, tears, and money into creating a new company, the last thing you expect to happen is a pandemic.

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